Our Mission

Soffe Company started its activities from year 2013 officially with the establishment in Yazd Science and Technology Park.

The purpose behind group formation was to enhance the quality of living spaces through the design and production of elements and architectural details using the needs and updated technology. For this purpose, the group studied the various materials and strengths and weaknesses of each. Finally, the glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) was selected as a suitable material. The advantages of GFRC include the high stability, special mechanical properties, ductility, good surface and visibility quality, reasonable prices, availability of primary materials (cement and aggregates) and mass production.

Relying on the multi-year experience, benefiting from young people’s knowledge and technical ability, and the use of new methods, after obtaining technology licenses from the Ministry of Science, We have been producing the following products:

  • Various types of perforated panels; Applicable to building facades, interior spaces, walls, urban spaces, lighting, etc.
  • Urban furniture includes all kinds of benches, park lighting, pots, dustbin, tree gratings and …

It should be noted that the activities and capabilities of the company are not limited to the above, and it is possible to design and manufacture various panels and concrete units in accordance with the client’s demand. Designers and specialists in the field of architecture and urban design can contact the Soffe Company to produce desired elements and details.

In this company, we strive to restore the beauty and tranquility with the efficacy and function to the faces of today’s spaces with a unique design tailored to the identity and cultural Iranian-Islamic patterns along with creativity and preservation of the principles of aesthetics.

Soffe company catalog | Winter 2019


3d objects of Soffe products 2017